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Impacting the Soul and Purpose of Today's Leaders

The leading leadership coaching firm for women of color.

Women of color remain sorely underrepresented in leadership roles across diverse sectors.
Research shows that this disparity is impacted by
both external stereotypes and internalized self-perception.

Unlike other diversity consultants that may tackle external issues relating to workplace culture and environment, I help empower women by addressing both external and internal challenges to success. I help clients connect with their inner purpose and passion, and clear any self-doubt, confusion, and resentments that may be holding them back. Only then can they make impact by doing what they love so that they live and work with greater freedom, find their voice, and step powerfully into their leadership potential.

Colorful Leadership

Individual coaching, speaking, trainings and workshops, strategic facilitation with the IMPACT Principle.

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Become a Certified Coach through CoachDiversity Institute, where Gloria serves as the Senior Vice President.

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A community of Asian Pacific Islander professional coaches, aspiring coaches, and other helping professionals

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What People Are Saying

  • I feel like I have complete control over my destiny and that I have the power to create the life that I want. That feeling is what has made every dollar and every minute working with Gloria worth it.
    Lillie Madali
    Deputy Director, City of Atlanta
  • The guidance I took away from our sessions has been instrumental in my growth as a professional and creative this year.
    Lovely Umayam
    Policy Analyst, US Dep't of Energy
  • Gloria believes in me even stronger than I do and even when she’s not next to me, I am pushed to see the awesome in me because I hear her voice in my head.
    Allison Brown
    Executive Director, Communities for Just Schools Fund

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